A TV platform enabling a more complete guest experience and greater benefits for the hotel

WOW Guest Experience Hub

It is an innovative platform based on a TV in the hotel room, fulfilling both the role of a concierge and a local guide, dedicated to locals with information and offers, personalized and displayed on the “big screen”, helping guests immerse themselves in the locality, presenting useful tips from the comfort of the hotel room.

It also creates a completely new – cozy and safe shopping channel based on transactions in the hotel facility. It is a fresh, clean and controlled communication channel based on television, located in the hotel room, at the same time not competing for the guest’s attention with global services.

Upselling in the hotel room

Responding to travelers’ expectations and in-line with the “guest goes first” philosophy, our platform opens a new revenue channel in the hotel room.

Central management of TV in the hotel

Our solution includes a number of features enabling remote management of devices, contributing to the optimization of TV maintenance costs in the hotel.

Communication with the guest

Starting with greeting and on-boarding the guest, the functionalities available in our platform improve communication between the object and guests in the hotel room.

The TV platform opens up many areas of increasing revenues for the hotel facility, including the possibility of offering its own and external services and products, booking tickets for local events and attractions, and offering regional products such as food, art or souvenirs. The system also supports the optimization of sales, marketing, hotel service and housekeeping activities.

Using the system contributes to long-term improvement in ratings by better meeting guests’ expectations and providing them with the desired functionality.

The TV application is a higher standard of service in a hotel

The WOW platform contributes to improving the image of the facility by better meeting guests’ expectations and providing them with the desired features.


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