Guest-Room Management System

Luxury Room Automation

INTEREL is an award-winning energy management and guest-room control solution with products ranging from low-cost, WiFi networked thermostats to complex luxury room automation. Hospitality focused, INTEREL is deployed in over 45 countries and used by over 30 Million guests.

INTEREL is not a one-size-fits-all offering, but instead offers custom, engineered solutions for hotels, con-sidering the needs of operations, IT departments, and the guest experience.

INTEREL GRMS – Guest-Room Management System

INTEREL’s guest-room management solution (GRMS) includes modern, glass thermostats and control panels that are completely customizable with colors, icons, text, fonts and even finishes. User friendly icons ensure a superior guest experience, even across language barriers, so that each new guest quickly understands the system.

INTEREL GRMS includes control for the HVAC, lighting, drapery, guest services and more. Truly a 5-star experience, rooms can be customized with various scenes based on hotel preferences, and with the touch of a button, guests can request services such as “make up room” or “do not disturb.”

With HVAC and lighting control, INTEREL GRMS can save 15-35% on energy consumption. With INTEREL’s award-winning connectBsmart™ built into systems, INTEREL provides a future proof platform with an IoT infrastructure that allows connectivity with various in-room and on-property solutions.


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