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Modern furniture and construction fittings, electronic closing systems and hotel accessories.

We are a direct distributor of the company Häfele, which is a global brand operating since 1923, and in Poland since 1995. offers the largest on the market range of furniture fittings, building fittings, LED furniture lighting, electronic access control systems and accessories for carpenters and architects – in total over 100,000 products with unique design and design that can be found in furniture and prestigious construction investments around the world.

Häfele has rich offer of fittings for hotel facilities selected in terms of quality, aesthetics and maximum functionality. propose wide selection lighting, sliding door systems, door handles, locking systems, Dialock hotel locks, minibars, safes, bathroom accessories and more. They all meet highest standards of convenience and safety of use.

Precision, strength, functionality – are the principles that the company follows when creating products. Tests and controls take place according to the most stringent German standards.

We have been cooperating with the company for 5 years.

Selected solutions

for the hotels


The Dialock electronic access control system developed in Germany by Häfele is compatible with non-contact transponder technology. It can be used comfortably and safely in hotels of all sizes. Hotels and resorts around the world have been using the benefits of this reliable system for years.

The Dialock system can be used, among others, in entrance doors, room doors or technical doors as well as cupboards or coffee machines. Battery-powered DT door terminals can now also be operated with a smartphone. These terminals are equipped with a mechanical lock for emergency opening and are ideal for interior doors. We recommend using networked WT wall terminals for frequently opened interior, exterior, automatic, wheel and elevator doors.

The system successfully cooperates with our Automation solution for the SENSOR Hotel.


Hotel guests value electronic safes as places where they can safely store valuable items. Häfele offers hotel safes with different opening methods and in different shapes with or without interior lighting. Depending on your needs, they can be opened from above, placed in drawers or open to the side with hinges.


The minibars with the latest generation refrigerators offered by Häfele are noiseless,
small and reliable.

Thanks to their very quiet work, they ensure a good night’s sleep for hotel guests. Other advantages
minibars are: minimum energy consumption, maintenance-free operation and compact
dimensions. The products have certificates of compliance with ISO 9011 and 14001 standards,
EMAS and RoHS.

The rest of hotel equipment

welcome sets


ironing boards for furniture



tissue feeders

bathroom hangers

bathroom dispensers

bathroom handles


small household appliances

wardrobe accessories

lighting fittings

trash bins


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