WiFi Thermostat 

with integrated IoT hub


The Future of Smart Building

Energy Management

INTEREL is an award-winning energy management and guest-room control solution with products ranging from low-cost, WiFi networked thermostats to complex luxury room automation. Hospitality focused, INTEREL is deployed in over 45 countries and used by over 30 Million guests.

INTEREL is not a one-size-fits-all offering, but instead offers custom, engineered solutions for hotels, con-sidering the needs of operations, IT departments, and the guest experience.

INTEREL EOS – The Future of Smart Building Energy Management

EOS is a competitively priced thermostat that meets hotel brand requirements and energy management regulations. 

With HVAC and lighting control, EOS manages temperature setbacks and lights when suites are unoccupied to deliver significant energy savings. As a single-component thermostat without additional equipment needed for HVAC control, EOS simplifies the installation process

EOS also easily connects with magnetic door contacts, improving occupancy detection. is designed to scale from basic energy management
to advanced control and automation with an upgrade path that only requires software updates, future-proofing properties for new technologies and guest features. With EOS, INTEREL has redefined energy management and
room control standards.


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